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Jasmijn Bosch

ESR15: Language and literacy education in migrrant children in educational settings

Lead beneficiary: University Milano Bicocca

Main supervisor: F. Foppolo

About me:

I am Jasmijn Bosch, and I am working on the project ‘Language and literacy education in migrant children in educational settings’ at the University of Milano-Bicocca, under the supervision of Francesca Foppolo, Maria Teresa Guasti and Fabrizio Arosio. Before joining the MultiMind project, I studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Utrecht and Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam, during which I focused on language acquisition and psycholinguistics. Bilingualism is one of my favorite research topics, not only because it has the potential to add new insights to our knowledge of human cognition, but also because of its social relevance. In my PhD project, I will therefore investigate early second language acquisition and bilingual reading development in different groups of migrant children, ultimately aiming to contribute to psycholinguistic theory as well as to the development of evidence-based educational policy.

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