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27 - 29 June 2022

Final MultiMind conference

The final conference will take place from 27-29 June 2022 in a hybrid format in Konstanz.

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8 - 9 Dec 2021

A child with a migration background - research conclusions and practical guidelines 

The Institute of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University hosted a conference on "A child with a migration background - Research conclusions and practical guidelines" from the 8 - 9 December 2021.

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13 Apr - Jun 2021

The Multilingual Mind: lecture series on multilingualism across disciplines

Join our lecture series every Tuesday (17.00-18.30) that will start on the 13th April and will run until June 2021

Orange and Beige Birthday Sale Event Fly
21 Feb 2021

International Mother Language Day

Come and celebrate International Mother Language Day (21 Feb) with us. MultiMind together with Bilingualism Matters branches are organising 8 different events in 6 different languages. 

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3rd and 4th Dec 2020

Imagining the Future of Multilingualism. Education and Society at a Turning Point

Virtual Forum

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12th and 13th Nov 2020

Online conference

16th Oct 2020

International developmental language disorder awareness day

A virtual lunch time talk on developmental language disorder and multilingualism

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8 March 2022

MultiMind Policy Report on Multilingualism and DLD/DD - Launch Event

Short presentation of the policy report followed by a discussion.

26th Sep 2021

European Day of Languages

For the 20th anniversary of the European Day of Languages the MultiMind project created a quiz about Multilingualism. Click here to take part. 

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13 Apr - Jun 2021

Can motion event construal be taught or restructured? Evidence from bilingual and L2 learners

The workshop has now taken place. If you would like to watch recordings of the presentations, please visit the workshop’s YouTube page.

Winter term 2020/2021

The Multilingual Mind: lecture series on multilingualism across disciplines

Join our online lecture every Tuesday at 17.00 - 18.30 (CET/UTC+012) starting on the 3.11.2020.

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Nov 2021 - Feb 2022

The Multilingual Mind: lecture series on multilingualism across disciplines

Join our lecture series every Tuesday (17.00-18.30) that will start in November and will run until February 2022. 

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23 - 25 Jun 2021

Conference on Multilingualism

We are very pleased to be able to host COM2021 in Konstanz organised by the Department of Linguistics, the project The Multilingual Mind, and the Centre for Multilingualism

Child In Speech Therapy
6 Mar 2021

European Day of Speech and Language Therapy

The European Day of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) was created in order to increase awareness of the SLT profession throughout Europe. Click here to find out more about SLT in multilingual children.

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19th-21st Nov 2020

Psychonomic Society 61st Annual Meeting

Virtual meeting

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