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The Multilingual Mind: Lecture series on multilingualism across disciplines


The lecture series ‘The Multilingual Mind’ will start again in November 2021 and will run until February 2022. The lectures will take place every Tuesday from 17.00 until 18.30 (CET/UTC+01). The lecture series is organised by the Department of Linguistics and Centre for Multilingualism at the University of Konstanz and the Multilingual Mind project. This semester the lectures will be hosted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Jagiellonian University, University of Konstanz, University Milano-Bicocca, and University of Reading. As in the previous semesters, the speakers will present research findings on multilingualism across different disciplines, in line with the MultiMind project (linguistics, education, psychology, neuroscience, speech & language pathology). The lecture series is aimed at everyone interessted in Multilingualism.

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Programme (You can download the programme here and the abstracts here.)


Sergio Soares (University of Konstanz): Neurophysiological oscillatory correlates of heritage bilingualism



Daniela S. Avila-Varela (Pompeu Fabra University): Cross-language phonological overlap in bilingual toddlers



Desiré Carioti (University Milano Bicocca): A Reading-Free Tool for the screening of developmental dyslexia in monolingual and minority language children



Elena Soare (University of Paris 8 & CNRS): The acquisition of the morphosyntax of Heritage Romanian in a dominant French setting



Tess Fitzpatrick (Swansea University): Applied linguistics in minoritised language contexts: three case studies from Wales



Juhayna Taha (University Milano Bicocca): What is wrong with rhythm in developmental dyslexia?



Ana Belén García Gámez (University of Algarve): Gestures as scaffolding to learn vocabulary in a foreign language



Narly Golestani (University of Geneva): Language processing in the healthy, multilingual and expert brain



Konstantina Olioumtsevits (Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki): Properties of the L2 lexicon in refugee children: Evidence from a word association task in Greek



Joe Barcroft (Washington University in St Louis): Patterned effects of acoustically varied input on vocabulary learning and speech processing



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  • The Department of Linguistics (University of Konstanz)

  • Centre for Multilingualism (University of Konstanz)

  • The Multilingual Mind

    • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Department of Greek Linguistics, Me 2 Glosses

    • Jagiellonian University: Department of Psychology, Bilingualism Matters Kraków

    • University of Konstanz: Department of Linguistics, Centre for Multilingualism, Bilingualism Matters@Konstanz

    • University Milano-Bicocca: Department of Psychology, Bilinguismo contra@Milano-Bicocca

    • University of Reading: Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism, Bilingualism Matters@Reading