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Konstantina Olioumtsevits_MiltiMind(new)

Konstantina Olioumtsevits

ESR14: Grammatical & lexical development in migrant primary school children

Lead beneficiary: Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki

Main supervisor: D. Papadopoulou

About me:

I am currently a Ph.D. student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the framework of the MultiMind project. More specifically, I am working on the research project ESR14, Grammatical & lexical development in migrant primary school children.
I recently graduated from the joint master’s study programme European Masters Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) – completed at the universities of Eastern Finland, Potsdam, and Groningen (2016-2018). I hold a B.A. in Philology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a major in linguistics (2011-2016). During my bachelor’s, I also participated in the Erasmus+ placement programme. I spent three months at the University of Reading working as a research assistant within the context of a traineeship called Trainee in psycholinguistics.
My research interests lie in the areas of psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, bilingualism, language development, language processing, as well as language disorders, with my empirical work reflecting these qualities. Moreover, considering research and teaching should go hand in hand, my research interests form a formidable link between experimental and pedagogical aspects of language in mono- and bi/multi-lingual environments.

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