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Training school on multilingualism, speech & language pathology & education; transferable skills; hospital visits: This week-long event provided advanced courses on speech & language pathology and education. The programme included courses on: 1) assessment of multilingual children with language impairment, 2) remediation of multilingual children with language impairment, 4) literacy development in multilingual children, 5) language interventions for multilingual children in school. In the afternoon, ESRs attended workshops on transferable skills, e.g., project management, ethics, proposal writing, research integrity, dissemination and communication to non-academic audiences, as well as media training, writing policy reports, effective blogs, press releases, creating video clips and using social media to promote research outcomes. During the week there was also a visits to MEDEA to observe speech & language therapy with multilingual children.


The training school took place in Como (Italy) from 16 to 20 September 2019.

Programme and registration

More information on the venue, programme and registration can be found here:

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